About the guitars

For me, guitars are not only instruments. They’re a passion. A passion I’d like to share with you.

It’s not only about building a guitar. It’s about creating something extraordinary. It’s about possessing something that’s one-of-a-kind. Every guitar is custom-made and will remain unique and exclusive.

According to the motto, “only the very best is good enough”, I use material of superior quality. The bodies and necks are constructed in accordance with the specifications and are made from the best hardwoods available.

The pickups I use are from Seymour Duncun, Di Marzio and also from Bare Knuckle.

For the hardware I use parts from Schaller and Gotoh.  For the tremolos, the Original Floyd Rose, the Schaller Lockmeister or the Gotoh Floyd Rose are used.

What makes a guitar a classic 80’s Rock-Strat? It’s the design and artwork. Especially the artwork is what makes the difference. This is one of the key characteristics of a Rock-Strat and where I set great value. It suits the guitar, accentuates it and makes it very special. All the artwork is created by myself and done with the most passionate commitment.