About me

I’m Winy Wohlwend. For me the 80’s were the golden years when men with long hair hardly looked any different from women.

For many years I’ve made music myself and played as a guitarist in several different bands. I’d call myself a real 80’s hairbands child.

What made the 80’s so special? Of course, the good music! But what I also liked were the flashy guitars. There was hardly a guitarist who didn’t have a colorful guitar, preferably a strat. That was the same with me. I loved those special guitars with artwork and still do. Unfortunately, all those unique and cool guitars have vanished into thin air and can no longer be seen.

This is why I’ve decided to dedicate myself to these 80’s-style flashy guitars and revitalize them for all like-minded people. Of course it’s nothing new, but I’d like to show you that with a great deal of commitment and passion it’s still possible today.